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Events,Theme Parties and
Interior Design

Creating a magical Experience by making your Dreams come true ! Let your visions in what you dream become a masterpiece to what Nicole Events can create  


Always the best by making sure your showered with love, time and care! Let your Shower be filled with a memorable experience .


Preparation is the key. With every detail done with class, plan you next big or small Party with Nicole Signature .

Private Parties

Interior Design

Celebration Home Design

Making your Holiday experience bring joy, peace, and laughter leaving you and your family with memorable moments .

Home Design

Close your eyes and envision how you would love to see in your home, How your furniture is position, your color scheme , Drapes and the art on the wall , do you you have it, Open your eyes with Nicoles your vision is brought to life !

Corporate Events
Nicoles Signature Dessert Bar
Corporate Parties
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